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Original War - FAQ

What kind of game is "Original War"?

OW is a RTS with RPG elements incorporated into the main design.

How many CDs is "Original War" on?

The game is shipped on 2 CDs.

My computer automatically restarts whenever I launch the game. What's happening?

Your video card drivers might be out of date, or your computer hardware might be failing. Seeking professional assistance is advised.

How to change the ingame screen resolution?

Run file "owar.exe" located in the game directory, than choose the "configuration" option for a set of selections.
If the game does not support your native resolution in the config prompt, you can experiment with forcing Original War into your resolution by command line parameters. Creating a new "owar.exe" shortcut, and adding "CustomRes 1280 800" to the command line is the way to do it. Note that this option only works in patch 1.09 or newer.

Does Original War have cheat codes?

No, they have been removed from the game.

Here is a list of excluded codes:

How to run OW in multiplayer mode?

There are many ways:

  1. Using Gamespy Arcade.
  2. Using LAN (1 person in your web creates a multiplayer game which you connect to by choosing that persons server from the multiplayer mode list).
  3. Using Hamachi.
  4. Using a direct connect option (available only from 1.05 patch or newer).
  5. Selecting one of Master Server servers in multiplayer game mode (patch 1.09 or newer). More information about this mode in the Master Server guide.

Will there ever be an "Original War 2"?

Chances are very low that this will ever happen. However, development of Original War itself continues thanks to community support.

Is Altar still developing patches for Original War?

No, the game developers dropped support for Original War a few years ago. However, Altar Games has granted the source code to long time community member Stucuk (Original War Support) who now maintains the game code.

How do I run mods in Original War?

It is possible only in 1.03 patch (or newer). The downloaded mod must be copied into its own director in the "mods" directory, which is in the folder where the game is installed. Once the mod is in that directory, use "ModLauncher.exe" to play.

Author: Daniel 'zoNE' Gabryś | Translation: zoNE

Posted on 2006.04.09
Last updated on 2012.02.04

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